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Responsible coordinator: Michelangelo Russo


Formative aims

The aim of this PhD is to train a researcher who will be prepared to express international competences with independent critical research skills and high scientific specialization in Architecture, a research field that identifies complex problems requiring strong interdisciplinarity and combination among skills and competences.

The training project is characterized by four Thematic Areas expressing the plurality of the disciplinary identities that are able to give a balanced response to the complex issues. The latter have to be culturally and scientifically treated in cross-sectoral form.

The Ph.D. formative aims are oriented to the formation of profiles with theoretical and practical tools for an interpretative knowledge of the contemporary reality. The main aim is to express cognitive, analytical and propositional competences in the actions of planning and design of transformation, in the integrated assessment, in the conservation, in the restoration and regeneration of the artefacts and of the territorial, urban, architectural and environmental contexts, with a great deal of sensitivity to the socio-economic, historical, urban, landscape and environmental values of our territories.

The PhD is characterized by multi-year activities of co-operation between the different disciplinary areas and by the creation of relations with Italian and foreign Research Institutes, also in order to ensure the inclusion of future researchers in the international scientific community and in the production processes.

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