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Library for the Architecture Didactic Area

This library was founded, along with the Faculty of Architecture itself, in 1936. In this year, the High Institute for Architecture, the former Royal High School of Architecture, was converted into a faculty. The offices and reading rooms of the library still occupy the first floor of Palazzo Gravina, a prestigious example of sixteenth-century civil architecture in Naples.

Departmental Library - "Marcello Canino" section

The book holdings of this library were constituted, over the years, by the merging of the book holdings of the Institute of Elements of Architectural Composition, the Institute of Architectural Composition, the Institute of Distributive Characteristics of Buildings, and the Institutes of Architectural Methodology. More books came from the Institute of Elements of Architecture and Monument Survey and the Institute of Architectural Analysis. The “Marcello Canino” library subsequently became inter-departmental, incorporating the books of the former Department of Urban Planning and the former Department of Architectural and Environmental Planning.

The “Marcello Canino” Library has the following subsidiary libraries:

Library of the former Department for the Configuration and Enactment of Architecture

This library was created at the same time as the department, in 1985, by merging the book holdings of several libraries and closed-down Institutes. Over time it acquired documents for teaching and research, notably through legacies from professors, including one from professor emeritus Massimo Nunziata, which also included a collection of paintings.

Library of the former Department for the Conservation of Architectural and Environmental Heritage

This library was created at the same time as the department it belonged to, in 1985. Ever since its inauguration it has been acquiring books and journals for teaching and research.

Departmental Library - "Roberto Pane" section

The "Roberto Pane" library was formed in 1936 from a core founded by the eminent Neapolitan scholar Roberto Pane, to whom it was dedicated in 2001. Today it is a specialized library whose objective is to preserve and promote librarian and documentary resources relative to the fields of History of Architecture, Urban History, History of Art and Restoration, and to support research and teaching.

Library of the School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape Heritage

This library holding, part of the "Roberto Pane" library, includes books and journals acquired from the 1970s onward by the School of Specialization in Restoration of Monuments (subsequently renamed School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape Heritage). This library holding is of special interest for research on restoration, history of architecture, urban history, and history of art.

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