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PRIN - Reserch Programmes of National Interest (2009-2015)

▪ From the urbanized countryside to the “extended city”: compositional norms in architecture in the areas of smaller towns (PRIN 2009) - Scientific director: Francesco Rispoli

Archaeological, regional and metropolitan landscapes. Strategies of contemporary conservation and transformation urban planning (PRIN 2009) - Scientific director: Pasquale Miano

Architecture, market, and democracy: how does one assess the venustas of architecture? (PRIN 2009) - Scientific director: Roberta Amirante

New strategies for the investigation, enhancement and experiencing of the archaeological heritage of the Phlegraean area (PRIN 2009) - Scientific director: Antonella di Luggo

Land transformation and modes of habitation: Land dynamics between deregulation, resiliency, and differentiation. New analyses and policy guidelines (PRIN 2010) - Scientific director: Giovanni Laino

RE-CYCLE. New lifecycles for buildings and infrastructures in town and country (PRIN 2010) - Scientific director: Carlo Gasparrini

Landscape protection between conservation and transformation. Economy and beauty for sustainable development (PRIN 2010) - Scientific director: Luigi Fusco Girard

▪ The city as a cure and caring for the city (PRIN 2015) (Principal investigator: Pasquale Miano)

▪ Adaptive design and technological innovation for resilient regeneration of urban districts under climate change (PRIN 2015) (Principal investigator: Mario R. Losasso)

Metropolitan cities: territorial economic strategies, financial constraints and circular regeneration (PRIN 2015) (Principal investigator: Luigi Fusco Girard)

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