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Departmental laboratories for teaching and research

CeDIPAT logo

CeDIPAT_Computerized Departmental Center for Architectural and Technological Planning

This laboratory is used for teaching and research, and manages the website of DiARC and its Internet services. Its equipment includes workstations, printers, scanners, plotters, video projectors, integrated videoconference systems, and thermographic cameras.



M Lab_Monitoring Laboratory - Technologies for the monitoring of the built environment

This is a teaching and research laboratory for the surveying, archiving and monitoring of buildings, the environment, and landscape. Its equipment includes workstation computers, scanners, plotters, and technologically advanced apparatuses such as drones and thermographic cameras.



MAED_Physical and Virtual Materiotheque for Architecture and Design

This resource offers a virtual database and virtual display and exhibition routes for the examination and classification of data, materials, and products for architecture and design. The exhibition project includes an area for virtual visits and a room for mechanical and durability tests.



Lab TLAC_Laboratory of Lightweight Technologies for the Built Environment

This laboratory investigates lightweight technologies through studies and tests on buildings and the environment. It promotes research, studies, documentation, and training. It organizes exhibitions, seminars, and workshops, and provides consulting services for public institutions, private individuals, and companies. Its equipment includes workstation computers and advanced prototyping devices.



Laboratories for applied research


TIRlab logo

Laboratory of Innovative Techniques and Technologies for the Surveying and Representation of Buildings

This laboratory carries out applied research on photomodeling and no-contact 3D surveying using advanced equipment such as laser scanners integrated with photoreproduction systems.


 LabCreative logo

Laboratory Research on Creative and Sustainable City

This laboratory promotes research on the relationship between creativity, resilience, and urban sustainability, processing indicators regarding the relationship between the city, resiliency, creativity, and sustainability, and highlighting impacts on economic, social, ecological and cultural politics, on the one hand, and cultural heritage, on the other.


 LEAS logo

LEAS_Laboratory of Applied and Experimental Ergonomy

This laboratory investigates ergonomy for the sustainability of systems and processes, the security and accessibility of spaces and products, comfort and usability in safety critical contexts, the development of innovative products and services, and user-centered planning methods.



LRRM_Laboratory of Recovery, Reuse and Maintenance

This laboratory offers specific competences in the creation and implementation of procedures for planning and managing actions on the built environment. It provides ISO 9001 certifications and operative tools for building maintenance and the assessment of environmental conditions and the conditions of the built environment in historic centers.



NAL_Naples Accessibility Laboratory

This laboratory strives to define, consolidate, and promote the culture of accessibility from an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on built heritage and particularly on archaeological heritage. It cooperates with public and safeguard institutions in the testing of best practices on specific sites, in view of transferring these practices to other similar situations.

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