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Courses organization and didactic activity

download educational programme XXXII cycle (update June 20th 2017)

offer scheme

The PhD in Architecture requires that students acquire 60 ECTS per year, of which a minimum of 40 ECTS through frontal lessons within the articulation of the didactic activities developed by the PhD course during the first and second year.
During the third year, PhD students activity will be based on the final dissertation development and on some activities that will give the possibility to deepen some specific aspects. These activities will be established with the collaboration of the entire Teaching Board.
PhD students will have to acquire further credits from courses that will be planned and activated within the co-ordination of PhD courses of the Polytechnic School, that will soon form the new PhD School.

The training activities offered by the PhD in Architecture will be divided into:

A. Basic and disciplinary courses and teaching modules (for the 1° and the 2° year):
1. Methodological courses about research tools (analysis and exploration of disciplinary literature, development of a bibliographic essay, structure and development of a research project, structure of a dissertation, etc.);
2. General and interdisciplinary Courses in common to all the subjects, related to the general theme of the tradition/innovation relationship in the various fields of research that characterize the thematic areas of the PhD;
3. Courses on specific topics in the research fields that characterize the different disciplines and thematic areas of the PhD

B. Thematic seminars organized by PhD students/research assistants in collaboration with their tutors, which will be able to illustrate some methodologies, their degree of knowledge as well as some outcomes of different activities. Furthermore, these seminars will give the possibility to further explore specific research themes, establishing also an interdisciplinary comparison between different Thematic Areas.
C. Master Classes and Keynote Speakers Conferences coming from International Institutes, Research Centres and foreign Universities, which can provide high level contributions on topics, practices and experiences of general interest but also of specific competence in the various disciplines.
D. Thematic and interdisciplinary Workshops and Master classes, focusing on the analytical and interpretative analysis, the study and the project treatment of the themes, conditions, issues of history and contemporaneity, with Teachers of the Teaching Board as well as invited speakers with specific competences.

Courses and workshops involve the active participation of students who will be required to produce study and research papers related to the themes developed in the various activities. PhD students will also be required to attend a period of study abroad at Centres and Universities where - in agreement with our PhD School - they will be able to deepen the lines of work that characterize their research field and their final dissertation.

Furthermore, a didactic offer is addressed to PhD students in collaboration with other Ph.D. courses of the Polytechnic School in relation to English Language, Informatics, Research Management, Knowledge of Research Systems and Founding Systems and the Enhancement of research results and of intellectual property, which currently represent the skills needed for the definition of the profile of an international researcher.


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