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Presentation of the Department’s research

At the center of the scientific interests of the Department of Architecture is the “project” understood as the fulcrum of a broad spectrum of mutually interrelated and complementary skills. The multiple active competences of the DiARC allow departmental research to deploy a comprehensive approach in dealing with aspects characterizing the different dimensional scales involved both in the practice of new architecture and in understanding and transforming existing architecture, with its multiple implications.

The vast spectrum of base and applied research extends to multiple spheres, encompassing different degrees and modes of knowledge and action. These spheres include architectural and urban planning, history of architecture, restoration of architectural and landscape heritage, urban studies and land planning, building surveys and the representation of buildings, technological and environmental design and planning of architecture, and furniture design, as well as complementary specialties such as legal aspects, mathematical analysis and estimative procedures, computerized data analysis and land information systems.

Post-graduation education is ensured by the Doctorate in Architecture. The aim of this course is to train researchers with competences up to international standards, autonomous critical abilities and high scientific specialization in specific fields reflecting the plurality of disciplines taught at the Department.

Finally, the Department’s research intertwines with the research conducted by the following Interdepartmental Centers: the Center for Research on the Iconography of the European City (CIRICE), the Center for Architectural and Environmental Heritage (BAP), the “Alberto Calza Bini” Center, the "Raffaele D'Ambrosio" Laboratory for Urban and Landscape Planning (LUPT), the Center for the Study of Traditional Techniques in the Mediterranean Region (CITTAM), and the Urban/Eco Center.


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