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Starting from the central role of planning disciplines in studies on architecture and change in towns and rural areas, the departmental research groups have developed many applied-research activities involving institutions and stakeholders. The third mission activities of the Department address strategic issues in architecture. One sphere of activity regards the investigation and representation of the built environment, and compatible materials and technologies to be used in actions on existing buildings, in the form either of ex novo plans or of restoration, renovation, and maintenance. It also has active conventions on themes connected to cultures of habitation and settlement patterns in the Mediterranean area and on urban regeneration, from the disused city to the smart landscape. In the urban studies sector, the third mission activities of the Department take the form of technical consulting in land management for local institutions. In this perspective, an important role is also played by disciplines employing computer tools for assessments in view of urban and landscape planning. These disciplines develop decision-making support systems for local areas, notably by developing land information systems on GIS platforms. Research activities for third parties assist actors in making appropriate decisions in the management of the built environment. This sector of the Department carries out many applied investigations on the planning and testing of integrated system for environmental, urban, and building retrofit actions.

The third-mission activities of the Department also include the organization of public involvement actions, in the form of open days, orientation sessions, exhibitions, and various other events open to the collectivity.

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