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Scientific collaboration agreements (2011-2017)

Scientific collaboration agreement between the Department of Architecture and the Autonomous Council Housing Institute of the Province of Naples (DiARC-IACP). Since 2011 - Scientific directors: Paola Ascione, Federica Visconti

Framework agreement for studies, research and testing for the reduction of environmental impacts in a sample of school buildings and open spaces (DiARC-Naples City Government – Office of Urban Planning and Office of School and Education). Since 2012 - Scientific director: Valeria D’Ambrosio

Framework agreement for the study of conditions in prisons in Campania and issues connected with the transformation of prison buildings (DiARC-Prison Administration, Provveditorato Regionale della Campania). Since 2013 - Scientific director: Maria Rosaria Santangelo

Framework agreement for scientific support in conservation processes and for the enhancement of the abandoned village of Tocco Caudio (Benevento) (DiARC-Comune di Tocco Caudio). Since 2013 - Scientific director: Valentina Russo

Research agreement for support to participated planning for the renovation of the town park of Scampia (DiARC-Società Cooperativa sociale “L’uomo e il legno"). Since 2013 - Scientific director: Maria Federica Palestino

Framework agreement of scientific collaboration for the renovation of historic centers and industrial areas (DiARC- ATS Area di crisi Montella-Calitri, AV). Since 2013 - Scientific directors: Vito Cappiello, Roberto Serino

Framework agreement of scientific collaboration for the activation of a Living Lab in the areas of the Park of Cilento, the Vallo di Diano, and Sicignano degli Alburni (DiARC-Comune di Sapri). Since 2013 - Scientific director: Maria Cerreta

Framework agreement for applied research on technological and environmental aspects for the sustainable renovation of the city hall of Lacco Ameno (DiARC-Comune di Lacco Ameno, NA). Since 2013 - Scientific director: Valeria D’Ambrosio

Teaching and research cooperation for the study of architecture, towns, and historic landscapes in relation with infrastructure (DiARC- Società FS SISTEMI URBANI SRL - Gruppo FS). Since 2014 - Scientific director: Valeria Pezza

Framework agreement and enactment agreement for scientific support in conservation processes and for the enhancement of the archaeological heritage of Telesia (Benevento) (DiARC-Comune di San Salvatore Telesino). Since 2014 - Scientific director: Valentina Russo

Framework agreement for a collaborative study aimed at the conservation and renovation of the Borgo and the Castello Colonna in Castelnuovo di Porto (DiARC-Comune di Castelnuovo di Porto). Since 2014 - Scientific director: Bianca Gioia Marino

Framework agreement for a study on the protection and enhancement of the historic Avellino-Rocchetta railway in view of a proposal for a declaration of outstanding interest (DiARC-Regional Direction for the Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Campania). Since 2014 - Scientific director: Andrea Pane

Framework agreement of scientific collaboration for the reinforcement of the Regional Lab “The city of little boys and girls,” created to promote local resources, law abidance, and sustainable development (DiARC-Comune di San Giorgio a Cremano). Since 2014 - Scientific director: Emma Buondonno

Framework agreement for collaborative planning experimentation and training on the theme of disability and its repercussions on architectural planning (DiARC-Associazione Tutti a scuola onlus). Since 2014 - Scientific director: Nicola Flora

Framework agreement for research on urban regeneration and sustainable development (DiARC-Naples town government). Since 2014 - Scientific directors: Pasquale De Toro, Daniela Lepore

Framework agreement for the planning of low/cost urban artistic installations with the participation of teenagers of the northern suburbs (DiARC-Naples Town Government, Welfare Office). Since 2014 - Scientific director: Alessandra Pagliano

Framework agreement for the identification of sensitive spots for artistic transformation along provincial and regional railway lines (DiARC-EAV). Since 2014 - Scientific director: Alessandra Pagliano

Framework agreement for the definition of the evolution of the discipline of building estimation in land management, in economy, and in law. Competence and knowledge requirements (DiARC-Naples Chamber of Commerce) - Scientific director: Luigi Fusco Girard

Framework agreement between the Federico II University of Naples and the Special Superintendence of the Archaeological Heritage of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae to carry out research and teaching in view of the enhancement, use and promotion of the site of Pompeii-Insula Occidentalis. Since 2015 - Scientific director for DiARC: Renata Picone

Framework agreement between the Federico II University of Naples and the town of Casal di Principe for "Studies and researches of strategic, operational and functional feasibility in view of the enhancement and regeneration of the area of the town of Casal di Principe" (DiARC-Town Government of Casal di Principe). Since 2015 - Scientific directors for the DiARC: Mario Losasso, Francesco Domenico Moccia

Framework agreement and enactment agreement for scientific support in the conservation and renovation of the architectural and urban heritage of Marzano Appio. Since 2015 - Scientific director: Renata Picone

Collaboration agreement for the drawing up and implementing of proposals and plans relative to the area of Porta Capuana with the intent of creating a tourist hub in the area. (DiARC-I love Porta Capuana non-profit organization). Since 2015 - Scientific directors: Daniela Lepore, Fabrizio Mangoni


Framework Agreement for research activities on the architecture of the National Minorities Criminal Institutes for the purpose of identifying measures to improve the living conditions of the underage detaineed children (DiARC-Department for Juvenile Justice and Community Affairs) (Principal Investigator: Maria Rosaria Santangelo) (from 2017)


Framework Agreement for scientific cooperation aiming at the knowledge and management of conservation, restoration, improvement of fruition of the cultural heritage in Massa Lubrense territory (DiARC-Comune di Massa Lubrense) (Principal Investigator: Valentina Russo) (2016-2019)


Framework Agreement for research programs aiming at the conservation, improvement of the use and enhancement of the Abbey of San Pietro at Crapolla (Massa Lubrense) (DiARC- Soprintendenza Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio per l'Area Metropolitana di Napoli) (Principal Investigator: Valentina Russo) (2016-2019)


Scientific collaboration Agreement for the regulation of occupation of public space for outdoor dining activities aiming at environmental and sustainable urban regeneration of the Historical Center of Naples UNESCO site (DiARC-Comune di Napoli-Camera di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato, Agricoltura di Napoli, Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per il Comune di Napoli) (Principal Investigator: Valeria D’Ambrosio) (2017-2018)


Scientific cooperation Agreement for researches aiming at implementing the Local Action Plan to be drawn up under the European Territorial Cooperation Program URBACT III 2014-2020 (2nd Chance waking up sleeping giants) and with reference to the complex of SS. Trinità delle Monache (former Military Hospital) in Naples (DiARC-Comune di Napoli) (Principal Investigator: Angela D’Agostino) (2017-2018)


Framework Agreement for researches aiming at the specialist knowledge of the architectural heritage in Acerra's municipal territory and at the study of innovative solutions for the integration of new social actors in the urban context (DiARC-Comune di Acerra) (Principal Investigator: Pasquale Miano) (2017-2019)


Framework Agreement for researches between the City of San Giorgio a Cremano and the Department of Architecture (Principal Investigator: Emma Buondonno) (2013-2017)


Scientific Agreement for the Study for the conservation and enhancement of the Girifalco Fortress (DiARC-Comune di Cortona-CortonaontheMove Association) (Principal Investigator: Bianca Gioia Marino) (2017-2019)


Framework agreement for researches about the prisons in the territory of Triveneto and the "Due Palazzi" House of Recruitment in Padova (DiARC-Department of the Penitentiary Administration of Triveneto) (Principal Investigator: Maria Rosaria Santangelo) (dal 2017)


Scientific Agreement for the elaboration of pre-feasibility studies for the improvement of comfort conditions, usability, structural safety and reduction of energy needs of the school buildings of the 5th Arenella Vomero Municipality (DiARC-DiST-Comune di Napoli-Municipality 5 Arenella Vomero) (Principal Investigator: Valeria D’Ambrosio) (2017-2018)


Scientific Agreement for researches about Museum and Urban Planning (DiARC-Fondazione Culturale Ezio de Felice) (Principal Investigators: Gioconda Cafiero, Daniela Lepore) (2016-2019)


Framework Agreement for Research Activities (DiARC-Comune di San Cipriano Picentino) (Principal Investigator: Serena Viola) (2017).


Partnership Agreement for research project "GardeNet - Cultivating Biodiversity", Program "MeetYoungCities: social innovation and participation for young people in Italian municipalities" (DiARC- Dipartimento di Agraria-Accademia di Belle Arti-Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani-Comune di Napoli, Associations Agritettura 2.0, Archintorno, Artèteca, AUSF, Friarelli Ribelli and Punta Corsara) (Principal Investigators: Maria Cerreta, Nicola Flora) (2016-2017).


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