Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design per l’ambiente costruito – Design for the Built Environment DBE


Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Design per l’ambiente costruito – Design for the Built Environment DBE

Approfondimento Corso

Corso di studio magistrale in inglese (classe di laurea LM12), propone un percorso formativo che conduce gli allievi al conseguimento della Laurea Magistrale in Design per l’Ambiente Costruito. La laurea magistrale ha come obiettivo la formazione di una figura di designer nei settori emergenti che esprimono domanda di competenze progettuali avanzate secondo un approccio ecosostenibile.

Co-ordinator of the Master of Science in Design for the Built Environment

prof. Alfonso Morone

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The Master of Science in Design for the Built Environment is a two years course.

Two different learning paths are now available for students enrolling from the a.y. 2019/2020.
After a unique first year teaching program, students have to choose for the second year between two different curricula: Exhibit Design and Digital Design.

The Master of Science in Design for the Built Environment trains a professional profile who’s able to manage product and system innovation in emerging areas, in which advanced design skills are needed, such as industrial production, evolved crafts, environmental design and outdoor/indoor design The innovative professional profile has been outlined according with predictable market transformation scenarios and, therefore, according with the demand for new professional skills in the field of digital design, digital fabrication, projects evaluation by simulation, product and process management, green design, evolved crafts, interior/urban spaces design, exhibit design and design for the enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

Designer’s typical methods and approaches involve a multi-cultural knowledge (creative, technological and scientific but with a concrete expertise in field of communication, representation and historical criticisms). Students will delve into internationalization best practices for products and services, taking into account design-driven aspects, as well as marketing tools and R&D methods, referring to some emerging issues such as the digital industry or D2C design and ethical design, that are transforming the conventional work practices.
The Course aims to provide a depth knowledge of the context of industrial and technological craft production, with the purpose to improve qualitative aspects of design for the built environment such as product environmental requirements and sustainable design strategies. The challenge is in a creative and technical approach, according to the product/service, market conditions and to the relationship with the enterprise culture and with innovative production processes.


To apply students must have got a bachelor degree or first degree or undergraduate degree, usually a three or four years course of at least 180 ECTS, in one of the followings fields of study:

Industrial design / Architecture / Urban planning / Engineering / Fine Art

For the Italian applicants the University Bachelor Codes allowing the enrolment are:

Laurea di I° livello in classe:

L-04 (Disegno Industriale); L-03 (Arti figurative), L-07 (Ingegneria civile e ambientale); L-09 (Ingegneria industriale); L-17 (Scienza dell’Architettura); L-21 (Scienze della Pianificazione Territoriale, Urbanistica, Paesaggistica e Ambientale); L-23 (Scienza e Tecnica dell’edilizia), L-31 (Scienze e tecnologie informatiche)

All courses are held in English.

Student must have a minimum level B2 in English.

If students don’t have a language certification yet, their English knowledge will be tested on site by a departmental committee trough an interview.

EU citizens can apply on line by SEPTEMBER 1st 2019 using Università degli Studi Napoli Federico II SEGREPASS service.

Whose link is:

Extra UE citizens have to apply on site.

To get further information about the enrolment process mail to:


Graduates will have a broad spectrum of employment opportunities, both within corporate companies, agencies and institutions in the field of industrial and handicraft production, as well as commercial outfitting work, museum exhibition, interior and open spaces design.

The specific nature of this professional figure, if compared to architects or engineers, is the designer’s ability to integrate industrial and design culture with advanced management skills of communication, tying them to creativeness, to social needs and symbolic values.


Applied and didactic activities take place in Palazzo Gravina, via Monteoliveto, 3, Naples, just few steps away from three Metro Line 1 stations (Dante, Toledo e Università), from Metro Line 2 station of Montesanto and from the homonyms Cumana and Funicular railway station.

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To get more information about the application process mail to:

Orientation Board 

Prof. Nicola Flora

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